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Dental Services for the Entire Family

Our Dental Family pledges to uphold the highest moral values of our profession. We are highly skilled dental professionals and health care providers uniquely trained in knowledge, truth, patience and service.  Our hands are steady and our hearts compassionate.  We believe we make a difference in this life by what we give.

Diagnostic Services

• Oral evaluation
• Oral cancer and periodontal screening
• Digital radiographs (x-rays)
• Biopsy procedures
• Study models
• Saliva samples
• Bacterial and viral cultures


• Root Canals and pulpotomies


• Root planing and Curretage
• Periodontal maintenance


• Partial Dentures
• Complete Dentures

General Services  

• Nitrous Oxide
• Nursing Home or Assisted
Living calls

Preventive Services

• Adult and Child prophylaxis (Cleanings)
• Fluoride treatments (rinses, varnish and trays)
• Nutritional counseling
• Tobacco counseling
• Oral hygiene instructions
• Sealants
• Preventive fillings
• Space maintainers

Cosmetic Dentistry

• Laminate Veneers
• Composite Bondings
• All Ceramic Crowns
• Contouring of the enamel


• White Composite Fillings
• Amalgam fillings
• Crowns (Caps) and Bridges (Porcelain, Zirconia and Gold) 
• Implant abutments (posts)
and implant crowns




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